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Intro to the Ride Joburg Portal

This brand-new mobile-first web app features your Event Results, connects all your past event results, showcases your unique Finisher Badge, and much more!

When opening the Ride Joburg Portal, you’ll land on our home page, which showcases all our Finisher Badges.


Portal Finisher Badges

The Finisher Badges are the latest feature on the Ride Joburg Portal, celebrating the number of finishes all the way back to 1997. We acknowledge riders who return to our event year after year. As your commitment grows, your badge upgrades to reflect your achievements.

Log in to the Ride Joburg Portal to see which Finisher Badge you’ve been awarded and which Finisher Badges you can aspire to achieve. And, who has made it into the Hall of Fame.


My Results

Your results display is a personalised snapshot of all your events' final stats. This new addition includes a granular results breakdown - including batch, gender and category position - on one shareable screen.

Your results display is customised based on your Finisher Badge Status.


All Results

The results page showcases all your past results, historical Virgin Active 947 Ride Joburg event results, your events ranking and all riders who have made it into the Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame celebrates riders who have finished 10 events or more, and enables you to browse this historic list of finishers.


My Events

The My Events tab shows which events you have entered, including details like goal and start time as well as your seeded batch.

While the All Events tab displays upcoming events, letting you browse, diarise and enter directy from the portal.

The Entered Riders function, enables you to search - by category, gender and batch - and find which of your peers are partaking in our upcoming events.


Event Ranking

Your event ranking is based on your index score according to your age category.

Go to the Road or MTB leaderboards to see where you are ranked compared to your peers.


What is the index?

Your index displays how you are ranked against all participants using your best three events from the last three years. The lower the index score, the better your position. The best index is 1, and worst index is 100.

How is the index is calculated:
This peer-to-peer performance index is calculated based on your finishing positions in relation to the depth of the field, and is also influenced by the event rating.


Its best to add to home screen

The Ride Joburg Portal web app* works in all browsers. However, to most effectively simulate the “app” experience, add the “app” icon to your Home Screen for quick and easy access.

Add to home screen for a better navigation and full screen view.


Sign up to the Ride Joburg Portal*

Grab your phone and head to

You’ll land on our Login Page. Register to create a personal profile, verify your email and log in to the Ride Joburg Portal.

*you will not find it in the Apple App Store or Play Store

Best viewed on mobile.

Grab your phone and head directly to the mobile vs.